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App Review: Peggle

I was first introduced to Peggle a few weeks ago through a World of Warcraft plugin (um, yes, I play). I found the game so addicting that I would log into WoW simply to play Peggle. Imagine that, the Peggle add-on was more addicting than WarCrack. So you can imagine, I was extremely pleased when I read that Peggle was coming to the iPhone.

Peggle is one of those "minutes to learn, lifetime to master" type games. It is reminiscent of those pachinko games I played when young, but the player has more control of how the ball is initially put into play and pegs are removed when hit. Your goal is simply to hit every orange peg on the screen, causing it to be removed. The problem (and the challenge) is that there are far more blue pegs than orange and they tend to get in the way. There are special green pegs which perform an action, such as exploding, depending on the level. And there is a purple peg that creates a point bonus if hit.

This game is very addictive. With each turn, you tell yourself, "If I would have just aim the ball a little to the left, I would have got the combo bonus." And so try you must. The game is challenging enough that it remains interesting, but it is never so hard that you are completely unable to clear a level (it may take a few tries, though).

My only complaint about Peggle is the music they play when a level is cleared: Beethoven's Ode to Joy. The first time you clear a level the music is quite momentous. However, after clearing 10 or more levels, you are left wondering if PopCap could have introduced some variety in the success music.

I would highly recommend Peggle to anybody, it is definitely worth the $4.99 price tag.
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